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Tru-Test Livestock Waterers

The way we see it, nobody is more dedicated to their work than livestock producers. Solving problems is our forte and we aim to help you solve yours so you can worry less and enjoy life more.

At Tru-Test, we’ve been designing and manufacturing reliable, accurate weighing systems for over 30 years. During that time, we’ve realized that focusing on making your everyday tasks as easy and effortless as possible, is just as important as our hi-tech livestock management systems. We’re proud to introduce our new range of Tru-Test Livestock Waterers, designed to deliver a fresh water supply for your livestock, all year round.

Animal health and performance is important to us, along with the best possible management of your valuable resources, like water.


Key features and benefits

Reliable fresh water supply to your valuable livestock, all year round
Durable design to withstand even the harshest conditions
Energy-free units are covered, to reduce evaporation in summer and freezing in winter
Replenishes water often to discourage algae growth and mosquito breeding
Easy to access, clean and maintain
Reduces waste - effective management of your water resource
8 year warranty


WaterWell™ 4

60 gal
200 beef herd capacity


WaterWell™ 2

31 gal
110 beef herd capacity


WaterPro™ 2

7 gal
75 beef / 75 horse herd capacity


WaterWell™ 4 60 gal 200 Beef 19.2 129 lbs 43.5 x 45.4 x 21.9 8 Years
WaterWell™ 2 31 gal 110 Beef 17.5 97 lbs 43.3 x 27.6 x 20.2 8 Years
WaterPro™ 2 7 gal 75 Beef / 75 Horse 19.5 59 lbs 37.5 x 21.5 x 29 8 Years


Tru-Test Livestock Waterers

Renowned the world over for our technology, durability and ultimate reliability, Tru-Test products won’t let you down.


Ice is a problem. To prevent freezing, we’ve focused on the seals, the internal baffles and how the lid is secured to the bottom of the tank. Our float reservoir lids are also sloped so rain runs right off. This prevents water from pooling around the edges and freezing. Our Waterers are filled with solid foam insulation and entirely sealed. They will stay ice free in extreme temperatures for much longer than open troughs.
Our Waterers meet all State minimum water capacity requirements but at a lower profile, to ensure water is replenished more often. This keeps water fresher, colder in the summer and warmer, free of ice in the winter. Our lower profile also enables comfortable access for livestock of all sizes.


We know Waterers are exposed to harsh weather conditions. That’s why all of our plastics have been UV stabilized for long term outdoor use.
We only use impact resistant materials, so even in temperatures as extreme as -40˚F our Waterers withstand the toughest abuse from livestock.


Our tank tops can be removed without tools, for quick and easy maintenance access. The large eyebolt fasteners provide an easy grip with cold hands or gloves. Once loosened, they swing down on a horizontal bar – staying connected to the Waterer’s base, conveniently ready for you when it comes time to close the lid.
Inside our Waterers, we feature quality brass fittings for strength, reliability and longevity. The cut-off switch is easily accessed to stop water supply quickly.


Our unique “V” corner anchor bolt design is more forgiving of measurement errors that may happen during installation.
Our insulated and securely sealed drain plugs are big. A large grip and thread makes it easy to twist open or closed even in cold temperatures. Our internal reservoirs are slightly sloped towards these large openings, ensuring fast water drainage – great for when it comes time for maintaining/cleaning your Waterer.



Water and animal performance

Water is one of the most critical elements to an animal and it's overall health. Animals that drink clean, contaminant-free water are generally less prone to illness and disease, gain more weight and produce more milk.

Factors that affect water consumption include; weather conditions, feed type, activity level, gender and access. As an animal’s weight increases, so does their water requirement. Special physical conditions, like pregnancy, rapid growth and lactation, can also make a big difference in water requirements. Water intake for dry beef cows is roughly 1 to 1½ gallons per 100 lb of body weight and double for cows nursing calves.

In the table below, you'll find a general guide for water consumption of other animals.


Gallons per day per head
  Winter Summer
Dairy cattle 17 21
Beef cattle 7 12
Cow-calf pairs 11 15
Horses 8 12
Sheep/goats 1 3
Swine 3 5


Why use an automatic waterer?

  • Keeps water colder in the summer and warmer in winter
  • Energy-free versions virtually eliminate algae
  • Energy-free models reduce mosquito breeding because units are covered
  • Cleaner water that is frequently replenished
  • Easy maintenance
  • Significantly reduced evaporation
  • Won’t rust
  • Impact resistant in temperatures as low as -40˚F

How do they work?

Automatic waterers connect to the underground water line and are mounted on a concrete slab. Utilizing a simple ballcock valve assembly, as the livestock drink, the declining water level opens the valve and the reservoir fills.

It looks like you are using an old browser. Please note that this website is designed to work best on modern browsers. Please consider upgrading your browser for best performance.